• Seller’s Closing Costs in Pennsylvania 3 years ago

    When you put your house on the market your Realtor is going to show you a seller’s net sheet, or seller’s estimated closing costs sheet. This is basically a breakdown of what it’s going to cost you to sell your house. Typically Realtors are going to give you a high end and a low end. […]

  • How To Start An Organic Farm 3 years ago

    Have you been thinking about starting an organic farm? We will you through the steps for starting your organic farm – from coming up with a business plan to finally (where a real estate professional comes in) helping you buy a piece of property. Before you find the site for your organic farm, you have to […]

  • Horse World Expo 2019 3 years ago

    It’s that time of year again, time for the Horse World Expo in Harrisburg. Running Feb 28 through March 3. Four days packed with vendors, shows, and equestrian fun for the whole family. Non-stop seminars and demonstrations from saddle fitting to starting the young horse. There will be entertainment from the parade of breeds to […]

  • Selling A Farm Property In The Winter: Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To Sell 4 years ago

    Many sellers believe that selling a farm during the fall and/or winter months would be impossible, but with the right agent by your side, it is not. Read below to understand the advantages of selling in the winter months, then give us a call. Because a great deal of people believe in the “properties sell […]

  • How To Buy A Farm in PA 4 years ago

    How to buy a farm in Pennsylvania More and more novice farmers are reaching out to us lately because they are getting more in touch with nature and are looking to transition into farm life. Gentleman’s farms and farmettes are popping up all over the place these days. Whether it is animal or crop driven, […]

  • Buying a Farm in PA 5 years ago

    Farms for Sale in Eastern PA So you are looking for a farm to buy in eastern PA – whether it’s an organic vegetable farm, a farm for grass-fed beef, a vineyard, an alpaca farm, a crop farm or a gentleman’s farm, this can be a daunting task.  Purchasing a PA farm can be time-consuming […]

  • Financing Rural Properties and Farmettes 6 years ago

    You’ve fallen in love with the PERFECT farmette: 25 acres with a wonderful farm house, a five-stall horse barn and a well maintained pole barn for additional storage.  There is a fenced-in riding area for the horses, too!  You’ve negotiated back and forth with the sellers and finally come to an agreement.  You’ve been “preapproved” […]

  • Landowner Rights 7 years ago

    Landowner rights and helpful hints on how to get permission to use their property. Be respectful of the landowner and their rights. Doing this will set up a fantastic relationship for those seeking permission to use their land. You see a  trail as you are riding and want to ride on it. There is a […]

  • Valley Forge National Park 7 years ago

    Valley Forge National Park is a wonderful place to go for a day out with your family. Valley Forge is the historical site of the 1777-1778 Continental Army winter encampment. Valley Forge National Park honors the perseverance and sacrifices of the Revolutionary War generation, as well as, the ability of the people to overcome adversity […]

  • Green Lane Park 7 years ago

    Green Lane Park is open from 6:00 AM to Sunset daily. Use the trails to see the beauty of Green Lane Park in every season from horseback. Green Lane Park is located in North-western Montgomery County and is 3400 acres with three lakes and several waterways. There are many fantastic picnic areas and most of […]

  • PA Horse World Expo 7 years ago

    The 13th Annual PA Horse World Expo has a variety of things going on. The PA Horse World Expo has something for everyone. The 13th Annual PA Horse World Expo will be held from March 5 through the 8th. It will be in Harrisburg at the Farm show complex located at 2301 North Cameron Street. […]

  • Perkiomen Trail 7 years ago

    The Perkiomen Trail is an amazing place to spend a day riding. Using the Perkiomen Trail has many perks such as meeting new people and being an invigorating experience. The Perkiomen Trail runs all the way from Green Lane Borough to Oaks and is 20 miles long. There are many places where you can park […]

  • Selling Your PA Country Home 8 years ago

    Want to sell your Pennsylvania country home quick? Of course you do. Every seller dreams of a buyer walking in, offering them more than asking price, and closing in 30 days. Although this may happen, unfortunately it’s not the norm. However, there are some easy things you can do to help buyers think twice about […]

  • Horses at Home-Part 2 8 years ago

    -The Joys (continued) The winters here in Pennsylvania have been hard the past few years. During the winter, I am sure I spend many more hours working for the horses than they spend working for me. But a morning like this made it all worthwhile. It had snowed about a foot overnight and the sun […]

  • Selling Your Property? Don’t Make This Pricing Pitfall 8 years ago

    You have decided you want to sell your property. Your real estate agent has pulled comparable sales and arrived at an estimation of the market value of your property, but you think “why shouldn’t we put it on the market at a higher price, at least for a while, and hope someone buys it? A […]

  • Building a Home – Land Loans and Construction Loans 8 years ago

    Buying land and building a home is very different from buying an already existing home. Building your own home is probably the best way to get exactly what you want, but it can be challenging. But do not let this dissuade you if your own custom or semi-custom home is your dream! If you are […]

  • Horses at Home 8 years ago

    Have you ever wanted to have horses at home? Are you thinking of getting your first horse, or do you board now and wish you could see your horses out your window and not have to drive to the barn to see them? Do you have thoughts of relaxing in your barn, listening to your […]

  • Country Living In Southeastern PA – The Best Of All Worlds 8 years ago

    Moving to the area for work or just looking for a great place to raise a family, there are wealth of benefits that go along with living in Southeast PA. We offer a large selection of properties throughout the eastern and southeastern counties throughout the state, all of which feature both wide open country living […]

  • Real Estate Needs Of A Horse Farm 8 years ago

    Rural and suburban farmland can make some of the most stunningly beautiful properties, but a proper horse farm must be more than picturesque. In fact, there are several qualities of an estate that must be considered if you’d like to construct a horse farm. Space and environment are key factors for all horse farms. An […]