Buying a Farm in PA

Farms for Sale in Eastern PA

So you are looking for a farm to buy in eastern PA – whether it’s an organic vegetable farm, a farm for grass-fed beef, a vineyard, an alpaca farm, a crop farm or a gentleman’s farm, this can be a daunting task.  Purchasing a PA farm can be time-consuming and it helps to have the help of a PA real estate agent who understands farms and farmland, who can act in your interest as a buyer’s agent. Finding prime farmland for sale in PA to purchase is not always easy. Much of the prime farmland is gone, places like Upper Macungie Township in Lehigh County which have some of the best soils in the county have been highly developed, with houses, condominiums and warehouses taking the place of cornfields, crop farms and livestock farms.  Websites like Zillow and, that may work well for finding residential properties for sale, do not always work very well for finding land and farms for sale in PA.  Very often, farmers who want to sell their land do not advertise it on the Multiple List Service for one reason or another. Much of the good land for sale in PA is found through word of mouth and other sources.  A realtor specializing in this type of property, Barbara Winn and her team at Keller Williams Farm & Ranch, is plugged into these sources and can help you find the best farm or farmland for sale in PA. PA also has various programs regarding agricultural properties that you should know about – Act 319 or Clean and Green – provides for reduced tax assessment on properties in agricultural production, and it is important to understand the ins and outs of Act 319 when looking for farms for sale in PA.  Also, the state of PA and each PA county have their own Agricultural Preservation programs and other programs that are important to farm owners and should be understood.  For example, the REAP (Resource Enhancement and Protection) program provides PA tax credits for farm projects like no-till planting equipment, conservation plans, nutrient management plans and manure storage.  There are also many townships that are now giving money to farmers to preserve their land and assist with expenses, and it is important to understand these programs.