Horses at Home-Part 2

-The Joys (continued)

The winters here in Pennsylvania have been hard the past few years. During the winter, I am sure I spend many more hours working for the horses than they spend working for me. But a morning like this made it all worthwhile. It had snowed about a foot overnight and the sun was out, the snow was plastered on the trees, and the horses were out, knee-deep in snow, their breath making little clouds, and they were as pleased as could be. The barn cat, Riley, was sitting in the sun, enjoying his time with his barn friends. A nice pile of hay was all they needed. It is the simple pleasures of horses that make them so wonderful – a good roll in the dirt after a work-out, a pile of hay on a snowy morning, a chance to gallop up the hill to the pasture on a warm spring morning, cool summer evenings after the bugs are gone with friends to graze with, these are all things that horses appreciate, and you do too.