How To Buy A Farm in PA

How to buy a farm in Pennsylvania

More and more novice farmers are reaching out to us lately because they are getting more in touch with nature and are looking to transition into farm life. Gentleman’s farms and farmettes are popping up all over the place these days. Whether it is animal or crop driven, there are a few things to consider before you start the search for your ideal farm.

How dense are the wooded areas of the farm?

The woods are great for hunting, but not for farming. When you are buying a farm, you want to make sure you have enough cleared acreage to work with. Clearing trees can be very expensive and time consuming and you will want to make sure your soil is suitable to do what you want before you consider spending money cutting the timber and clearing the land. Also, keep in mind you will want to check with the township where the property is located; some are very strict about how much timber you can take down.  Depending on the type of animals you plan to raise on the farm, you may not need to remove ALL of the wooded area.  For instance, did you know that pigs, chickens & turkeys (which were all woodland animals originally) can thrive in the woods?

Does the terrain consist of flat land, hills or both?

Undulating landscape is beautiful to look at, but when you are tilling a field, it can make driving your tractor over it difficult or even dangerous. Additionally, if it’s animals you will be farming, they generally do best on flat terrain. Hillsides can also bring a range of challenges for crop growing: nutrient-poor soil, erosion, and nutrient run-off to name a few.

Location, Location, Location!

The location is a critical consideration decision in buying any home, and that is no different when buying a farm. You need to make sure that the zoning allows for exactly what you plan to do. Each township has different rules and regulations, such as how many animals you can have per acre, so you will want to make sure your math is correct!

Bottom Line

Not every agent understands what it takes to buy a farm. If it is something you have been considering, give us a call today and let our experience and expertise guide you in the right direction.