Perkiomen Trail

The Perkiomen Trail is an amazing place to spend a day riding.

Using the Perkiomen Trail has many perks such as meeting new people and being an invigorating experience.

The Perkiomen Trail runs all the way from Green Lane Borough to Oaks and is 20 miles long. There are many places where you can park your trailer along the way or if you are lucky you can ride directly from your farm. This trail utilizes the old railway bed with a base of mostly crushed stone and the occasional paved area which gives you a place to stroll leisurely along. The width runs between 10 to 15 feet which makes it ideal for riding. Bridges are only a few years old in most places and were built sturdy. The entire Montgomery County trail is well-maintained. The scenery is absolutely breath-taking and at optimal spots along the way you will find benches to relax, take a break and enjoy the view. In the Spring you will see flowering trees, in the Summer you will see lots of greenery, flowers and water, in the Fall you will see the changing leaves and in the winter you will see snow all on the backdrop of the river. If you are really lucky you may even see a Golden or Bald Eagle.

The Perkiomen Trail

The Perkiomen Trail

The Perkiomen Trail winds its way through the heart of the Perkiomen Valley as well as historical towns and areas such as Pennypacker Mills and John James Audubon Center. Through this trail you can go off the many side trails but please obey the private property signs. The Perkiomen Trail connects to the Audubon loop, Schuylkill River Trail, Green Lane Park and even Valley Forge Park. Take complete advantage of all the amazing opportunities this trail provides such as the educational and recreational breaks. There are many picnic areas where you can stop and eat your lunch that you brought along or eat at one of the local places along the way. Most have tables outside. Remember to carry out what you carry in on this trail and leave nothing behind.

You will be sharing this trail with others and may meet many new friends along the way. So be courteous to other users of the trail and enjoy your ride. You can ride your horse, go for a walk, go bird watching, go for a run or even ride your bicycle. In the winter the Perkiomen Trail is also used by people for cross-country skiing and skijoring. Feel free to bring your furry family members with you but they must be on a leash. The Perkiomen Trail is open from dawn until dusk giving you plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely or endurance ride or anything in between. There are no unauthorized vehicles allowed on the trail which makes this trail a favorite for many people.