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Berks County

Berks County is a county located in Eastern Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the population was 411,442. The county seat is Reading.  Berks County is part of the PA Dutch Country.  The rich soil of Berks County, aided by a favorable climate and centralized Mid-Atlantic location, has contributed to a strong agrarian tradition. Today, agriculture, both in terms of food production and processing, is the county’s No. 1 industry.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineer built and maintains the Blue Marsh Lake, a project designed to provide flood control, an enormous reservoir of drinking water, and extensive recreational opportunities including excellent horseback riding trails. The State of Pennsylvania maintains the heavily forested, scenic hills of French Creek State Park.

Oley Township is located in Berks County in southeastern Pennsylvania, approximately ten miles east of the city of Reading. It comprises most of the Oley Valley, a fertile and scenic pocket of farmland “almost entirely surrounded by hills, as it were, with the rest of the world shut out.” The township covers an area of 15,065 acres of some of the best agricultural land in the county. Roughly 80% of the land is open farmland, 10% is in scattered woodlots, and 10% is developed. The topography is gently rolling ranging in elevation from 300 to 500 feet within the valley and rising to 800 feet in the northwest corner. The township boundaries correspond fairly closely with the edges of the limestone valley along Bieber Creek to the north, Manatawny Creek to the east, and Oley Line Road to the south; and the hills above Monocacy Creek to the west. The farms and villages of this well-defined area, set apart geologically, topographically, and in cultural heritage, make up a historic district of remarkable integrity.danielboone


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