Diane & Bernie N

Barbara Winn…Remember that name because it will come in handy if you have real estate to buy or sell. My wife and I decided to sell our unique property in Lehigh Valley. We interviewed a few high-end real estate agents and decided on Barbara to handle the sale. Initially, she represented herself very professionally and anxious to get down to business. Through exceptional advertising techniques, she generated a campaign drawing attention to prospective buyers looking for this type of extraordinary property. Other than her unique sales techniques, we were very impressed with how she handled a situation with an outside vendor. We were very glad she was working for us. As for attention to details, she even took extra care and bonded with our two cats. If you’re looking for a professional and honest real estate agent who gets the job done right, you can count on Barbara.

Dale and Kendra B

Barbara Winn is the kind of realtor that makes selling a home a breeze. Barbara’s attention to detail and “quick sell” suggestions, give sellers a sense of confidence and drive when getting a home market ready. Throughout your experience with Barbara, she will use her professional experience, strategic selling techniques and down to earth personality to move your house quickly. When working with Barbara, her ability to provide clients with a professional staging consultation, professional photographer and also real estate expertise rates her five stars, making selling a home not only a quick but also pleasant experience.

April S

I became friends with Barbara through a mutual horse friend several years ago. At that time, we were pursuing a horse property that was facing foreclosure. Throughout the whole ordeal, Barbara was honest, helpful, and went the extra mile on more than one occasion. When that situation fell through, through no fault of hers, we took a hiatus from farm hunting. A few months ago, my husband and I decided to start looking for a farm to buy. Again, Barb’s knowledge of the area, the market, and our unique situation was invaluable. We ultimately decided to purchase land and build from scratch. Barb got to work immediately, and we found the perfect plot of land within a few short weeks. Negotiations went well and we purchased the land at a fair price, with a matching appraisal. For years, Barb has been my “go to” and voice of reason when we were looking at properties and trying to figure out how to build our dream farm. Lastly, we needed a reliable team to start this building project. Barb has been the team leader since day 1, even now, as the transaction is settled and it’s now in the builder’s hands. Anywho who dreams of owning land, a farmette, a large farm, or anything in between, needs the expertise of Barbara Winn.

Lisa T

Hi Barbara, Words cannot express how grateful I am to you.  Your professionalism and expertise is amazing.  A rare occurrence in today’s world!   You understood my needs from the first moment of contact and was prompt to return all my calls!   I cannot wait to have my first gathering in my new home, you are most welcome anytime.  And I hope you can share our joy on that day!

Bob D

Barbara, thank you so much for all of your help in obtaining this house. You were at all times entirely professional and thorough while also being extremely personable.

Ronald G

I appreciate all that you’ve done and I will certainly pass your information to my friends and associates who are interested in your excellent services and professional manner.

Nancy A

Your enthusiasm and professionalism are much appreciated!

Ilene M

Barbara, First, let me compliment on your follow-up and sales technique. Many are lacking, but you “got it”…

Jean Y

I wanted someone who would understand my dream and the perfect realtor answered my email…

John H

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am as to how you handle things for your clients. You are definitely a cut-above your peers. Thank you!

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