Selling A Farm Property In The Winter: Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To Sell

Many sellers believe that selling a farm during the fall and/or winter months would be impossible, but with the right agent by your side, it is not. Read below to understand the advantages of selling in the winter months, then give us a call.

Because a great deal of people believe in the “properties sell faster in the spring” idea, they tend to put off listing, or even pull their listings off of the market, this time of year…which means less competition for your property. We can help you become the savvy seller that steps up when others won’t. We can take advantage of a less saturated market to get more visibility for your property. Why wait until spring to sell when all of your competitors are going to be doing the same thing. List your farm when the inventory is low, so buyers will be more likely to buy yours.

Getting good listing photos in the spring/summer months can certainly be challenging. Taking a picture of fields full of corn limits what buyers can see. When we photograph farm properties in the warmer months, we typically walk into a “wall” of crops that can block visibility. Capturing images of your property when it’s cold out enables buyers to get a real lay of the land to better understand exactly what type of land/farm they are purchasing.

What’s the hardest thing about selling any property? The upkeep! Tending to your crops while getting ready for showings could be stressful. Why put yourself through that? Selling in the winter time will give you all the time you need to keep things tidy, projecting a better image to potential buyers!