Valley Forge National Park

Valley Forge National Park is a wonderful place to go for a day out with your family.

Valley Forge is the historical site of the 1777-1778 Continental Army winter encampment.

Valley Forge National Park honors the perseverance and sacrifices of the Revolutionary War generation, as well as, the ability of the people to overcome adversity and pull together during extraordinary times.

Valley Forge National Park

Valley Forge National Park


Valley Forge National Park consists of 3500 acres and is FREE to visit. The park grounds are open year round from 7 AM to dark. It is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Located just 20 miles from Philadelphia this historically important park is full of information and fun. Sign up for one of the many tours, do a private tour or visit the information center and learn about the past. See the many documents and artifacts from the time of the winter encampment or see the postcards and photograph collection of the cultural history.  If you are into architecture visit one of the many Officer’s Quarters. You can even see the house where General Washington stayed during his time there. Most Valley Forge National Park tours are offered seasonally, but private tours may be booked year round. Remember to check the park calendar to see the special events held throughout the year. You can see the Continental Army in action, Annual Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-Mile Run, Young Patriots Fun Run and National Junior Ranger Day.

Deer at Valley Forge Park

Deer at Valley Forge National Park

There are many ways to explore the grounds of Valley Forge National Park. There are paved, dirt and stone paths throughout the park that you can use in many ways. Ride your bicycle and take a look at the statues as you pass by, ride your horse on any of the wooded trails and come upon the remnants of wars past, take a walk past the wooden huts the continental army stayed in or make a day of it and see all those things and more.  When using the trails please stay on the trail so the park’s ecology doesn’t get damaged. If crossing a field by horseback to connect to another trail remember to watch for holes and other obstacles.

There are several picnic areas where you can have your lunch at Valley Forge National Park and enjoy the scenery. There are benches so you can take a break and watch the deer. Besides deer there are over 315 species of animals, 227 are birds and over 730 different species of plants. Unfortunately, there are no campgrounds located at the park but there are snack and souvenir shops for you. If you bring your furry family members with you to Valley Forge National Park please abide by park rules and keep them on a leash.

Wherever your farm is it is an easy drive to get here. Bring your horse, have a picnic, go for a ride, have lots of fun and learn some history at Valley Forge National Park.